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Wealth99 was founded in 2017 with a vision to unlock new wealth opportunities for the 99%. We are a passionate and experienced team that believes blockchain technology, tokenization, and fractional ownership will change the way people build their wealth.


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Financially empowering the 99%: Why we started Wealth99

How to Invest

Take a look at the investment market, and you’ll two very distinct groups of people. First, there’s the 1%. The ultra-rich. The ‘accredited investors’ who have access to high-growth assets, from fine art to fintech companies. The people who don’t just have a seat at the table; they own the table.

And then there’s the 99%. The everyday investors who are left financially frustrated, on the outside looking in. Restricted to ordinary shares, government bonds and residential property. Restricted to traditional assets that are underperforming, and barely keeping pace with inflation.

In recent years, the divide between the 1% and 99% has been growing ever-wider. But all that’s about to change, thanks to Wealth99 and a little something called ‘alternative assets’.

Wealth99 is all about connecting everyday people with the world of alternative assets.

Alternative assets – like crypto, tokenized assets, and digital assets – are ushering in a new era of wealth creation. And we started Wealth99 with a simple mission; to ensure that the 99% can get their slice of the new wealth pie. 

In a financial landscape where traditional assets are continuing to underperform, alternative assets have been proven to have better returns, higher liquidity, and increased tax benefits. They’re fast becoming a valued part of a future-focused and fully diversified portfolio. Which is why, at Wealth99, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to invest in them. Not just the top 1%.  

We believe tokenization is key to breaking down investment barriers for the 99%.

We started Wealth99 to make high-quality alternative assets more accessible to real everyday people. And tokenization is one of the key tools we’re using to do it. 

Tokenization is a revolutionary innovation, made possible by blockchain technology – the same technology that brought the world crypto. Tokenization is the creation of digital representations of real-world assets. It has already been applied to numerous categories – including fine art, property, and shares – with industry-shaking results. At Wealth99, we’ve created a simple user-friendly platform, where investors can quickly and easily build their portfolio with tokenized assets. So, why have we chosen to throw our weight behind tokenized assets? There are many reasons to believe that tokenization is the future of the investment industry. And two of the biggest are fractional ownership, and liquidity.

The beauty of fractional ownership

With tokenization, investors have the ability to purchase tiny fractions of an asset. This has made investing in high-growth assets more affordable to more people. 

Let’s take commercial property as an example. Currently, investing in commercial property requires money – and lots of it.. You have to be able to buy the building, or at the very least, a whole floor. But if ownership of that building is tokenized, you can join hundreds of other small-scale investors, and purchase precisely the amount of equity shares you can afford.

Suddenly, with asset tokenization, investing in commercial property isn’t just for the wealthy 1%. With the price of entry dramatically lowered, it’s for any investor. It’s for the 99%.

The power of increased liquidity

Asset tokenization has another brilliant benefit for investors; liquidity. Many high-quality assets are classed as ‘illiquid.’ That means they’re difficult to exchange for cash quickly and easily. So should your life circumstances change and you need to cash out your investment, you could end up stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Let’s look at commercial property as an example again. If you own a commercial building, selling it is no mean feat. It takes money, stakeholders, and time. A lot of time. From end-to-end, the process can easily take 12 or more months. However, if you own a tokenized share of the building? You can quickly and easily sell your shares to another investor for the current market price on an online token exchange. You get your money, and the other party gets in on the investment.  

So, why did we start Wealth99?

The answer is simple. To help the 99% ride the wave of tokenization and alternative assets. To democratise wealth, and unlock new wealth opportunities. To give everyday people the chance to take control of their finances – today, and well into the future.

If you’d like to learn more about asset tokenization, stay tuned. We’ll be diving into it in more detail on the Wealth99 blog. 

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