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Wealth99 connects you with a range of exciting alternative assets so you can diversify your portfolio.


From first-time investors, to seasoned financial professionals. Our dedicated team of specialists is here to support your investing journey, whatever your level of experience and know-how. 

About Us

Wealth99 was founded in 2017 with a vision to unlock new wealth opportunities for the 99%. We are a passionate and experienced team that believes blockchain technology, tokenization, and fractional ownership will change the way people invest.


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Diversify Your Portfolio with alternative assets

Wealth99 makes its easy to safely and securely build portfolio of alternative assets , all with support of skilled specialists

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Why choose to invest in alternative assets?

Wealth Website Icons-Blue_Private investors smarter diversification

Smarter diversification

Adding investments like crypto, digital assets, and tokenized assets to your portfolio can help boost returns, generate income, and diversify from traditional investments.

Wealth Website Icons-Blue_Pivate investorslower barrier to entry

Lower barrier to entry

Tokenization lets you purchase just a fraction of an asset. That means a low minimum to purchase, and lower barriers to entry for everyday retail investors.

Wealth Website Icons-Blue_Private investors better liquidity

Better liquidity

Crypto and tokenized assets are simply and securely transferred on a blockchain, making it easy for investors to buy and sell whenever they choose.

Wealth Website Icons-Blue_Private investors lower transaction costs

Lower transaction costs

Tokenization and blockchain technology means transactions can be completed quickly, easily, and transparently – and at a lower cost to all parties involved.

Wealth Website Icons-Blue_Private investors fairer markets

Fairer markets

Because many alternative assets can be easily broken down into smaller units, historically illiquid assets will become more accessible to more investors. Creating a fairer market for the 99%.

Wealth Website Icons-Blue_Private investors shorter lock-up periods

Shorter lock-up periods

Tokenization lets investors easily sell their tokens in a liquid market, which helps shorten the ‘lock-up period’ that traditionally sees investors waiting years before they can take their profits.

Wealth Website Icons-Blue_Private investors transparent process

Transparent process

Ownership of alternative assets like crypto and digital tokens is immutably recorded on the blockchain. This means investors can access an accurate history of an asset, and make an informed decision on whether to invest.

Wealth Website Icons-Blue_Private investors secure identity

Secure identity

With ownership and decentralized identity (DID) details kept on the blockchain, buyers’ and sellers’ identities can be simply and reliably verified.

Wealth Website Icons-Blue_Private investors stronger returns

Stronger returns

Alternative assets have the potential to offer higher returns than their traditional counterparts – such as mutual funds, stocks, and bonds.

Wealth99 transforms and streamlines the investing experience

Simple and user-friendly. Open and transparent. Wealth99 makes alternative assets more accessible to everyday investors than ever.

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Secure investments, skilled team

As a blockchain-native wealthtech company, Wealth99’s understanding of alternative assets and tokenization is second-to-none. We’ve been pioneering the tokenization of precious metals for years, led by a team with vast experience in blockchain, platform security, and alternative financial assets. Our security measures exceed industry standards and all client assets are fully protected and insured by a third party custody provider.

About Us

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We’ve built our platform with simplicity and ease in mind. Our digital onboarding and identity verification process is smooth and seamless. So you can get set up and get started quickly and easily.

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We’re always here to lend a hand

The world of alternative assets is new. And like anything new, it can be complex to navigate. Our team of specialists is here to talk you through it, and guide you along the way.

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Keep track of your investments

With Wealth99, it’s easy to stay on top of both your individual assets and your wider portfolio. We’ve made it easy for you to export your transactions in a format your accountant will love. And your own personal dashboard gives you an unprecedented amount of transparency and control.

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Sell whenever you choose with our Wealth99 exchange

Where traditional investments can see your capital tied up for years, alternative assets put the control in your hands. You can choose to sell any time you like, through our bespoke exchange.

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Investment Products

Wealth99 connects you with a range of exciting alternative assets



Invest in crypto the safe, smart, and savvy way.

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Tokenized Precious Metals

Safely and securely protect your wealth with tokenized precious metals.

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Polar Bear

Carbon Credits

Invest in a cleaner, greener future, with carbon impact-reducing options.


Commercial Real Estate

Claim your fractional ownership stake in real-estate.

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